We provide onsite tyre repair for cars ,van and some lorry depend on how many fleet. usually our mechanic will inspect the tyre first , then he will inform the car owner about the tyre condition and proceed to repair or change to a spare tyre.

We also notice that there are quite a number of motorist whose have no clue who to look out for or contact who ,when they are facing their motorcycle tyre puncture on the road at any time. Then they have to strand at the roadside and call for tow truck.  We decided to do motorbike tyre repair onsite too, it is to save their time as well.

Changing spare tyre when the tyre cannot be repair due to the valve spoilt  or tyre burst. Sometime when the nail is located at the tyre sidewall , we will recommend car owner to change to spare tyre.

Tyre valve cap is also important , it’s primary air seal and helps to keep out the dust and dirt particles, although it is small ,people usually overlook on this cap. without the proper care for the valve ,you can’t pump the air for your tyre when flat and have to tow to workshop for repair the valve .

Under or over inflation can reduce the life of the tyres,  affecting the tyre performance and increase the risk of damage.

It is important to tighten the lug nuts when changing spare tyre , if not done in the proper way the wheel will come out halfway when driving on the road and it might hit other motorist and cause accident .

Overloading  your vehicle can add stress to your tyre and other critical vehicle components. Overloading a vehicle can cause poor handling , increase fuel consumption and may cause tyre failure . It also result in severe cracking , component separation. Do not fit new tyre that have less load capacity than show on the vehicle tyre placard and optimum rim width is important for proper tyre load distribution and function. The maximum load capacity stamped on the sidewalls of tyre and is reduced by 10 percent when using on light truck  or trailer .

Lack of rotation, worn suspension parts, underinflation ,wheel imbalance can cause vibration or irregular tyre wear.Rotate your tyre at maximum intervals of  6000 mi/10,000km. Balancing can prevent the tyre from premature wear and reduce vibration. It also protects the suspension ,steering system and bearing of the vehicle .