When tyre is puncture

When tyre is puncture

This is the picture of our client tyre puncture singapore  due to this particular object pierce through her vehicle ,her tyre is savage because she has made a wise decision to engage our experience mechanic to remove the object and  repair it on the spot.

While travelling on the road , you hear a strange sound coming from the tyre  or steering wheel is always at one position without turning back to it original position and find something amiss. Please do not continue to drive , stop at the nearest safe place and alight your car and check what is happening.  If you could not figure what is exactly happen , you can call our mechanic at 96888773 ,he will guide you before he come down to your car location.  Some vehicle model have a special nut which we call it lock nut , that is why our mechanic need to know beforehand.

When the tyre is puncture due to nail or others object pierce through it . It can be repair on the spot , sometime must see where is the object pierce through it , if it is located at the sidewall of the tyre , it is still can be repair but must pay attention to it for a few days.  After repair, if there is air leaking after a few days then it is wise to go to tyre shop to replace a new tyre. What if the tyre is tear and burst , do not worry , we can loan you a spare tyre to let you travel to the tyre shop to replace tyre and afterward you may return the loan tyre to us .

Spare tyre is also very important , monitor spare tyre if your car have , some driver may have overlook their spare tyre as not well taken care of .  spare tyre can be spoilt if kept too long never take out as the rat might bitten it and cause the spare tyre no longer can be use .

If planning for a short holiday by driving  to our neighbouring country , it is best to bring the spare tyre along with it , in case the tyre is puncture not in singapore.   Make sure that the spare tyre is in good condition by checking air pressure , tyre valve , tread pattern.

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