Tyre Rotation

Tyre Rotation

The front and rear tyres do different jobs so they usually wear out  at different timing. The tread on the tyres is what keeps your family safe on the roads. Which  is why tyre rotation is so important. When you rotate your tyres regularly, you do not only be safer and also  extend the lifespan of your tyres too.

It is  recommend to do tyre rotation at least every 10,000km or  you discover uneven wear patterns on your tyre.

In order to avoiding uneven tyre wear is regularly moving each tyre to a different corner of the car. Each tyre experiences a variety of wear patterns over the period of time, and wears out at the same timing as the other tyre.  Estimate, rotating your tyre every time you change your oil, it  should keep them wearing evenly. If you are replacing new tyre or getting some of your tyre balanced, the rotation should be done along with it.

The exact rotation pattern depends on the vehicle and the tyre themselves. The standard pattern is to move the front tyre straight to the rear, and move the rear tyre to the front, but cross them over (so that the right rear ends up on the left front). The reverse pattern (rear to front, front to rear with a crossover) is also common. The exact pattern isn’t really that important as long as you’re consistent each time you rotate the tyre. Just make sure that  every tyre spends some time at each corner of the car.

Some vehicles require different patterns. Unidirectional tires should not be crossed over, and older ply tyre should not be crossed too. If your vehicle has different size tyre on the front and rear, of course  you cannot switch them. In such a case, simply move rights to the left and vice versa. If you have a full-size spare tyre you should include the spare in the rotation so all five tyre wear evenly. Follow the normal rotation pattern, but put the spare at the right rear corner. Whichever tyre would have gone to the right rear goes in the trunk and becomes the new spare.

If you do not do tyre rotation , you will face tyre puncture singapore on the road which can be troublesome and tyre tend to wear out prematurely thus you will have to spend even more.

Do not  overlook tyre rotation.  maintenance will keep your tyre wearing evenly, improve your car’s handling and save money.

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