Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure 

Always monitor the tyre air pressure , do rotation and alignment when advice by tyre mechanic  is pocket friendly for the long run.

Checking the  tyre air  pressure whether is  inflated can make a difference in the tyre durability. . Under- or over-inflated tyres do not  wear out evenly and make it wear out prematurely. For example, a tyre that is consistently 20 percentage  under- inflated can last 20 percentage less. Which  means that a tyre that should usually last 40,000 km would be worn out by 32,000 km. Also, since the front and rear axles and right and left sides of your car wear down your tyres differently, rotating your tyres regularly between the different positions will ensure that they wear evenly and last longer.

Under-inflated tyres is causing us to spend more on fuel as is using alot of  fuel and have high rolling resistance and make the engine to work harder to move the vehicle.

Do not load heavier than the load capacity according to the tyre’s load index. Because it can cause high heat and produce  in sudden tyre destruction.

Do not drive fast because the tyre will have greater risk of damage by high heat.

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