Tyre Care

Always monitor tyre pressure 

Correct tyre pressure reduces the risk of losing control of your vehicle. It is also protects your      tyres from wear and tear to the internal construction.   Tyre pressure can drop due to small perforations, the natural escape of air through the tyre’s components, or even from a decrease in ambient temperatures. Check the pressure of your tyres monthly  including your spare tyre and before any long journey to neighbouring country, preferably when your tyres are cold (not having run for at least 2 hours or having run for less than 2 miles at low speed). If they are not checked in this cold condition, add 4 to 5 PSI (0.3 bar) to the recommended pressure, but never deflate a hot tyre.  It is  important to check the pressure once a month, because  under or over inflation can reduce the life of your tyres and affect their performance and increase the risk of damage.   Correct tyre pressure can reduce your fuel consumption.


Balancing helps to prevent early wear of your tyres and reduce vibration. It also protects the suspension, steering wheel and bearings of your vehicle. Have your wheels balanced when a new tyre is replaced, a balance weight is moved or removed, or you purchase new tyres. You’ll know a wheel is out of balance when one area is heavier or lighter than the rest. This will cause uneven and tread wear faster ,vibration and stress on front -end parts and result the front-end parts to wear off early.


If your vehicle’s suspension geometry is incorrect, its handling may be changed and for  your safety compromised. If your tyre has come into contact with a solid object, such as a kerb or pothole or you have noticed that uneven wear on your tyres,. Please go to a tyre shop to have it thoroughly inspected, It is critical to make sure  that correct alignment to be made to get the result of better road handling and your tyre to last longer.

Proper Storage 

Even when the  tyre are not used, it is  in hazardous place . Unless they are arranged and inflated, tyres should never be put in stacks for long periods of time and you should avoid crushing the tyres under objects. It is  very important to keep stored tyres away from any flame or any other heat source , When handling tyres, it is  also recommended that you wear protective gloves.  Proper tyre storage should be in ventilated dry room and no direct sunlight.

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