Regular Air or Nitrogen Air for your Car Tyre?

A lot of car owners who prefer nitrogen than regular air in their tyres and there is nothing wrong with it .

Tyre lose pressure gradually and the temperature fluctuations can greatly hasten this process.

The rule is a loss of 1 psi for every 10-degree temperature increase or decrease and nitrogen retain the air inside the tyre longer than regular air even when the temperature changes.

All tyre contain microscopic pores,eventually air seeps out over a period of time and this cause tyre air pressure to decrease.

Nitrogen has large molecules so it do not escape the pores easily compare to oxygen.

The result is more stable tyre pressure that lengthens its “contact patch”on the road and make the tyre last longer.

Nitrogen is useful for race car drivers who need to reduce their tyre pressure changes, so handling remains at optimum levels.

It is also extremely helpful for commercial vehicles that need to eliminate water vapor to prevent tyre from freezing (aircrafts) or exploding due to intense heat (heavy duty trucks and race cars)




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