Motorbike Tyre Repair

Motorbike Tyre Repair

Today we come across a client motorbike tyre puncture and he is fortunate to park at a safe place . He engage our mechanic to come over for repair .

We are greeted  by this case as one long object can pierce through his motorbike tyre at two area in which the picture show above .

Our mechanic manage to repair his tyre but advice client must go to motor workshop to get the tyre change for the safety reason.

Fortunate that the long thin object pierce in a sideway manner rather than pierce through the motorbike rim because the object is long. If not the motorbike rim will damage and client will have to spend more to replace new tyre and maybe have to purchase new rim.

To prevent this incident happening  , when tyre is puncture on the road , try not to continue driving , if at expressway may contact LTA to arrange  Expressway Monitoring and Advisory System (EMAS) to tow it to the nearest safe place to park. Do not worry , LTA hotline is 24 hours. Afterward can contact us to arrange our mechanic to come down to your bike location.

If the bike tyre is puncture because of nail or other object on it , we can repair it on the spot . If there is tear or burst then will arrange to have it tow to your trusted bike workshop for new tyre change .  Because we could not change motorbike new tyre on the spot due to dismantle a lot of thing.  If you are trying to change new motorbike tyre by yourself it can be using lot of strength and risk of getting cuts when you brushed your hands over a glass that  had pass through its way in the tyre.

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