Fraud of tyre’s date of manufacture

The first image shows a manufactured tyre tinted with a corrected date , with the original date being scraped off and modified as shown in the second image.Does it appear to horrify you that your heart-earned wages are being incurred in purchasing a tyre for your vehicle that turns out to be falsified? This is what our customers are experiencing and we express deep concern for this issue and hereby spreading awareness on how we can go about preventing it.

Just a week ago , we attended to a customer who seem to be stuck in the confusion of his worn off tyre which was purchased in the current month.We did our usual repair for his tyre and to ease his worries, we provided an additional service which is out of the norm and brought his tyre back to our workshop for analysis.It was then concluded that the condition of the given tyre was not up to its usual standards and when we did a following step to check to date of manufacture,we found out that it was being carved and re-pasted with a new sticker that was of a date different from its original.

However,as concerned individuals and our commitment to being a promising mechanic, we are listing some of the prevention measures you can take to ensure that the tyre you are purchasing is well-worth your money and with authenticity.

Firstly,be fastidious.This is an important one,so stay vigilant to what you might be purchasing.It is advisable all new tyres that are purchased should not be manufactured more than half a year ago to discourage the chances for wear and tear.Before purchasing ,check the date of manufacture.Fraud dates are usually more obvious from the sticker pasted on the side of the tyre,with an additional layer on top of the original sticker which give a different texture to the tyre.Give the sticker a touch and if it appears to be carved,the date is likely to be discredited.Figuring this out requires close attention to specific details engraved on the tyre as tyre providers have no qualms of using alternative ways to modify the dates to make it believable.

Secondly,which also serves as the more preferred measure that you should be taking,is to contact a mechanic directly on your purchase of the tyre.With relevant experiences and exquisite knowledge on the different tyres ,one is able to tell in a quick of an eye whether the condition of the tyre does match accordingly to the manufactured date.I certainly believe none of us wants to risk any chances of screwing a half worn off tyre to our vehicles.

It is our privilege to be able to attend to all of your needs and contribute in providing a smoother journey for you and your vehicle.Please do not give a second thought to call us in an event of tyre puncture in singapore and flat car battery at 96888773.We are more than eager to be hearing from you and is able to serve you round the clock ,islandwide .


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