Dashboard warning light

Dashboard warning light

Tyre pressure monitor


If you see this warning light at your vehicle dashboard ,you may wonder what is this sign?

This is tyre pressure monitor which mean one of your vehicle tyre is leaking air or tyre puncture singapore

You should stop at the safe place and take a look at the affected tyre , whether is there a nail or tyre is burst ?

You may contact us at 96888773 for our service , even though you may not have spare tyre , do not worry we can loan you a spare tyre (depend on the car model ) , to enable you to travel awhile. It is best to go to tyre shop to replace new tyre if the tyre cannot repair on the spot.

When tyre is replace , balancing will be needed to do it at the tyre shop.

Always check your vehicle tyre pressure before moving off . it is best to check the tyre when the engine is not on or vehicle been park for some hours.  The correct pressure is thirty-two to thirty-five psi when tyre pressure  is measure in cold.

Correct  pressure  tyre  will prolong the tyre  life,better steering control, fuel efficiency and travel smoothly. Insufficient or too much pressure  can cause premature treadwear and tyre damage . It is prevention by having your vehicle tyre check regularly .

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