Tyre Puncture Singapore

What would you do if you encounter your car tyre puncture on the road?

Don’t be anxious  just remain calm and drive slowly to the safe place and park your vehicle.

Make a phone call to our friendly car mechanic at 96888773 , he will arrive promptly between 30 min or earlier (depending  on the traffic and weather situation ). He will inspect the tyre condition , it can be mild or severe depending on which area is punctured  and inform the client before he proceed to repair the tyre on the spot.

Tyre Puncture are very common on the road , Nails are the culprits because the nail’s head cause it to shift its position or bounce when vehicle run over. when nail are bent it put them in a perfect condition to pierce through the tyre when come in contact.

There are other objects like bolts,sharp rock,broken glass metal sheet that can cause tyre puncture . Learn to identify the signs of tyre puncture  , you notice that  wheel is shudders or you feel wobbly when driving. you find it difficult to steer your car and being pulled toward that direction, if your car suddenly swerves to the left or right.

Do not drive too far when you notice that  your tyre is flat or puncture . it might cause more damage to your tyre ,initially your tyre can be repair but choose to ignore it or continue to travel will cause it to tear and you even have to spend more to change to a new tyre.

Some condition when the bread wire is visible or damage , tread or the rubber has separated, tyre deteriorated  due to leaking fluid, depth of the tread is worn , tyre is burst and internal sidewalls is overheating , is cannot be repair and need to tow to tyre workshop to have it replaced.  Suggest that driver have to replace two tyres at the same time even though only one tyre is damaged. This is to compelled to have two tyre of the same size ,tread pattern and balancing.It is preferable to replace four wheels to prevent mechanical problems related to anti-skid system.

Practice good habit to monitor the tyre regularly and always check the tyre air pressures as tyre  pressure can drop due to natural escape of air through the tyre components. Given correct tyre air pressure reduces the risk of losing control of your vehicle, reduce fuel consumption and also protect your tyre from premature wear and irreversible damage to the internal construction.